Windows PXE BOOT exists ! :)

It's not "network installation", you boot your workstation from prepared image

[ICO]NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

[   ]startrom.011-Feb-2010 18:00 24K- 1 - renamed & patched (better to take startrom.n12)
[   ]PXELDR29-Jun-2009 22:14 292K- 2 -
[   ]BOOTFONT.BIN14-May-2007 00:00 4.8K- 3 -
[   ]ntdetect.com02-Mar-2006 15:00 46K- 4 -
[   ]winnt.sif12-Feb-2010 06:06 160 - 5 -
[   ]WINPE.WIM06-Dec-2009 14:37 48M- 6 - sample ramdrive image (SV_Micro_PE USB - rus!)

Just put the files 1-5 to the root directory of your tftp server.
The 6th file: make your own, or find the appropriate one in internet. (You can use this one for test, but I think that you will not like it:))

I AM NOT the author of the idea or of any of these files!
The only purpose of this page is to inform the world that it is possible :)

Maybe these files will not work with mutiprocessor systems, I didn't try. Now, when you know that it's possible in general, you can find the appropriate files for your computer.