History: I have many friends in different countries, sometimes I help them to resolve any problems on their computers. When I do it, I usually have 2 problems: a) Most of them are using Windows, while I'm using Linux; so, I must start Windows on a virtual machine, start MSN - it's waste of time. b) Windows "Remote assistant" does not work under NAT (I can be under NAT, but my friend can't)
As a result of my search, a very simple solution was found, you can see it here.

It works like "Remote assistant", but there are some differences:
  1. You can work in any OS
  2. No need to install any progam - you need only any browser and Java.
  3. It works through NAT
  4. No any dialog accompany R.A. session; you should start MSN / ICQ / etc manually to communicate during this session
Contact me before starting R.A. session and tell me what you need.
If your screen image appears on my monitor without any notice, I can accidentally format your disk :)
Or I can be far from my computer ...
My time is :    Thursday, 24-Jan-2019 01:45:50 MSK

If you don't know me :
You must understand that you'll need to start a program, which allows me to do anything on your computer. You'll see all my actions, but you have no way to verify if it's the truth. If you are not sure that you can beleive me, it would be better not to click this button ...

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       FAQ :
Q: Why this strange background image on this page ?
A: Read the name of this page (in the address line) please. What image will do for it ? :)
Q: Can it work through http proxy ?
A: No, for a moment.