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Stanislav LATYSHKO

(Monday, 02-Mar-2009 17:47:06 MSK)

Address:        apt.44, 8, Bela Kuna str., St.Petersburg, Russia 192238
Phone:          +7 812 3887001
Cellular:       +7 812 9725776 , +7 904 5178361
E-mail:         sl@sl.spb.su

Date of birth:  Dec 8 1963
Place of birth: Leningrad (=St.Petersburg), Russia

Languages:	russian, english, french
Drive license:  B

Summary of qualifications:

~20 years of experience in the date processing field:
installation and administration of the operating systems and networks;
optimization of the existing infpormational systems; analysis of troubles;
migration of the informational systems to the new platforms;
creation of the documentation for personnel; training of the users ;
software development

Knowelege of hardware: up to the signals of the interfaces
Knowelege of operating environment: work with control blocks and machine codes

Operating systems: IBM OS360/370/390; RSX-11M, RT-11; IBM OS/2,
MS DOS, MS Windows; *NIX (ISC, SCO, FreeBSD, Linux, HP-UX, Ultrix, Xenix,
Solaris, QNX, Demos) ; Novell Netware

Networks: TCP/IP, IPX, UUCP, FTN

DBMS: Adabas, DB2, PostgreSQL, MySQL

Programming languages: Assembler (IBM370, PDP11, Ix86), C, FORTRAN,
PL1, COBOL, REXX, JCL, Java, *sh

Professional experience:

2007-2008  MEZON.RU (aka Linuxcenter), St.Petersburg, Russia
	* System/network administrator
	- installation and administration of the LANs, workstations, servers
	(RedHat & Mandriva) - online shops, broadcasting, SIP-telephony etc.

2004-2007  Linux Ink, St.Petersburg, Russia
	* System/network administrator
	- installation and administration of the LANs and servers (RedHat

1999-2003  EPA ltd, St.Petersburg, Russia
	* Programmer analyst
	- development of the IBM mainframe emulator in IBM OS/2 and *NIX
	environment and additional software for this emulator
	- portage of the client's software in the environment of the emulator
	- administration of the Internet site of the enterprise

1998-1999  ICA Group ltd, St.Petersburg, Russia
	* Software developer
	- development of the system of the electric generator supervision
	(MS DOS, C/C++, Assembleur)

1998       New Age ltd, St.Petersburg, Russia
	* Consultant / System/network administrator
	  "Y2k problem" :
	- installation and administration of the operating systems (Windows,
	OS/2, Linux), LAN, auxiliairy software
	- development of the technology of adaptation of the client's software
	to the problem of the year 2000
	- development of the system of automatic analysis of source texts
	(Cobol, Assembler, RPG, JCL etc) of the client's software

1994-1998  Information-analitical Centre of St.Petersburg City Administration
	* System/network administrator
	- creation of the informational network of the organisation on the base
	of UUCP and TCP/IP technologys
	- creation of networks for applied tasks
	- administration of networks and UNIX systems
	- development of Mainframe<->PC data transmission system

1991-1993  SoftScribe ltd, St.Petersburg, Russia
	* Editor of the bulletin "Computer systems of the banks"

1985-1991  Computing Centre of Central administrative Board of Trade under
	the Executive Commitee of Leningrad, USSR
	* Operator -> Technician -> System engineer
	- installation and administration of the operating systems (OS360/370,
	RSX11), analysis of breakdowns, extraction of data of the damaged
	carriers, creation of the instructions for operators; 
	- development of the auxiliary software: diagnosis of hardware,
	debugging of the applications, account of the use of the resources,
	automation of the analysis and modification of great volumes of source
	texts, automation of operators activity, backuping of the carriers... 
	- development of the applications: "Wages of the employees of the
	supermarket "Gostiny Dvor", "Warehouse"
	- courses and consultations for operators and application programmers


1994  course "Administration of UNIX operating system" (1 months)
	Moscow Power Engineering Institute
1989  course "Remote data processing in the environment OS370" (2 months)
	Leningrad Institute of Management Methods and Techniques (LIMTU)

1988  course "System programming in the environment OS370" (4 months)
	Leningrad Institute of Management Methods and Techniques (LIMTU)

1983-1986  "Automated systems of management"
	Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute (LETI)

1981-1983  "Physics of the semiconductors"
	Leningrad Polytechnic Institute (LPI)

Additional information:

I don't include the complete list of software by reason of it's size ;
I'm ready to compose this list for each platform by Your request.

You can see the examples of my programs on my personal page: